Thursday, April 29, 2010

One Step Closer

 one step closer

After hearing the presentation by WMMS last commission meeting and all the local residents and business owners, the commission appears to agree that the WMMS approach to narrow the drive to two lanes has merit.

The current feeling by the Commission seems to be that the WMMS approach is plausible,  Plausible does not mean that it is absolutely going to happen, it means in this context that the City needs to look further into the plan.  The questions arise about the financials and the numbers that WMMS had presented.  The Commission has directed the city manager to contact the engineers, Chen and Assoc. to look at the numbers produced by WMMS and verify the estimates.

This step by the Commission can be considered 'due diligence', and needs to happen in order for all the Commissioners to make a knowledgeable decision.

The drawback is that there seems to be a feeling that the plan be put on the ballot as a straw vote.  The biggest problem is that the law states that the question only state the cost only and not the net profit that we will receive after the first year.  This is unfortunate since in a down market, many if not most will vote against the plan due to the cost.

This is quite one sided and if the profit is not listed, and it therefore fails, the Commission will shrug and that will be the end of the narrowing of the drive.

If that happens, you can watch for the business district to begin to fail as it is in its current form and things stagnate until the energy goes somewhere else in South FL.

Yes, parking and narrowing the drive is THAT important.

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