Saturday, April 10, 2010

Hagen Park Yard Sale Today 8 to 2 - Picture

Well, today's the day.  

The Yard Sale, which is always fun, happens at Hagen Park and Old City Hall from 8AM to 2PM today.

I walked the dog past Old City Hall today at 6AM and the lights were on in the Commission Chambers, but they had not set up yet.  There was some intrepid soul in the parking lot setting up a Red Pickup Truck and some awnings for their own private sale, so I know it is a go for later. 

Yes, for once I am writing this and posting immediately instead of my usual write-ahead and set-to-post-at-8AM deal.

What you see in the pic is a fond goodbye tombstone by those who worked in the place.   I was invited to sign it last time I was there but just didn't think it was quite right.   So out of respect, I passed.

If you want a chance to see why you really do need that brand new City Hall on Wilton Drive today is the day.  Come on over to the Yard Sale, meet your neighbors.  I'll be in Old City Hall with the Historical Society and some friends trying to make myself useful and sell a few things. 

You just may find a few bargains too.  Oh and if you do go, say hi!  I'm that really tall guy trying not to walk around too much and looking somewhat confused but I can help you find some things if you ask nice!

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