Wednesday, August 4, 2010

City Hall Demolition Pictures From Weekend

HR Wall, Copyright 2010
By now, on July 30th, the roof on the Wilton Drive side of the building was being removed.  At this point the roof was nibbled away so that the only thing left of this wall was ... the wall.

The wall you're looking at is where the old HR Trailer was at.  This view only happens in a deconstruction.  Looking like a bomb hit it, finally, the sky is visible.
East Side of building Copyright 2010
This is the back view from the yard looking into the open maw of the building.  When you went to pay your water bill, you'd walk in the door in the center of the picture and talk to Charlie and Joy and the rest, just not here.  There is none of the 1970s fake wood panelling, the Formica counters, and linoleum floors.  You now have a really great view if you are in there...just don't go in there.  Pieces may fall on your head.

East Side of building, Copyright 2010
By Sunday, August 1, you have this view of the yard.  More of the building has been staged to be taken away, rubble that was once holding up the walls are waiting to become a reef or landfill somewhere.

North East Corner, Copyright 2010
You now have the corner of the building here.  The pieces in the pile from the above picture in the frame, sitting in the corner.

That's it for the weekend.  More pictures are coming.  The formatting on this one is awful, but hey the pics are here!

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