Monday, August 2, 2010

Network Trouble in Paradise

I'll be coming back to Wilton Manors today.

Spent the weekend in Networking Paradise.  Four different PCs, each with a virtual machine on them.  One Macbook without a virtual PC on it.  Getting all of that straightened out so that they can all see the network all at the same time using Virtual PC and VMWare can be a trial.

My own machine, which the blog is written on, gave me some fits in the middle of it all.  Actually the Virtual Machine that runs on the laptop all the sudden decided to forget how to network.  After a couple of virtual cycles, the machine saw the network and all is well. 

That's how I'm writing this.

I'll have the whole network purring before I leave here in the morning Monday.  The nice thing about Laptops are that they're portable.  You can have a network running in the space of a desk if you know what you're doing.  Sometimes, I know what I'm doing, other times... I'm scratching my head.

At least the lot will be working, I'm winding down and it's been a long weekend for me.  If you don't want to pay someone like me, go to a computer store or computer website and buy yourself an external hard drive around 1TB in size.  Find where your machine sets up the backups, and make sure you get a full system backup.

Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Eventually you'll find yourself getting a virus and you'll be glad you did.  In home support like this is expensive in time and in money.  Sometimes you get your data back, sometimes not.  This time, my friend lost nothing but the use of his machines for a weekend.

I may even have gotten to see Duval Street tonight... I haven't gotten that far yet.  It's Sunday Afternoon, and this post is set to go live right around when I'm loading the car to come back home.  I missed the Volunteer Appreciation lunch on Saturday, and really wanted to go see it.  All the reports I have gotten about it were that it was a great party.  This makes...two maybe three years I've missed it.  Next time!

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