Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Five O Clock Haiku

Yesterday, I took my dog, Lettie for her evening walk.  We had the landscapers by to thin down the big Sea Grape tree in the back yard,  so after a day of the sound of a flock of dentist drills banging inside my skull, I needed to get away from the house. 

The afternoon was spent talking to head hunters and being online searching for an appropriate job.  In the Bush Induced Great Depression, that's harder work than actually being at a desk is.

Time waits for no dog at five in the afternoon.  I got a wet nose on the left elbow and begun to feed her.  Walking to the back door while she was eating and looked out at the suddenly brighter pool and thought that I was glad it was all over. 

At my left calf, she appeared, eager to get out and go so after some further inspection of important things like the door locks, my fingernails, and supplies, we went out for our walk.  I was so relieved to get out of the house and see the world that it all looked surreal.  The sky was too blue, the hedges too green, and the flowers redder than normal.  Even through the sunglasses, the world looked like a technicolor movie.

I walked down to the corner where the park was at, and you could almost hear the choir of angels in the background.  Everything went into slow motion as the sun shone on my cheeks and the little refuge showed its beauty. 

I grew up thinking that what we called "language class" was mostly pointless.  Learning the mechanics of the English Language was deadly dull, and trying to write poetry as natural to me as a fish with a bicycle.  However, as we rounded the corner and stopped the park spoke to me.  A haiku came to mind, most likely it is original.  I find haiku to be overly stripped and bare normally, minimalism gone riot.  Who knows why this was the thought of the hour but it was. 

Fast forward to awaking at 4:30am and that haiku returned to me as the first thought of the day and as such I am sharing it.

Carpets Green and Gold
On the Wing Orange and Black
Returning Nature

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