Monday, August 16, 2010

Sunset Through the Screw Palms Picture

Last night sunset was beautiful.

I was sitting in the big green chair drinking a Rum Punch and looked west out the front window and saw this scene.  The picture may say a thousand words, but it didn't capture all of the beauty.

Parking on the plastic chair in front of the house, I aimed the camera at the sky.  After taking some flash pictures that didn't look quite right, I found the automatic setting for the camera, turned off the flash and got this shot. 

We have been getting these sunsets lately that have been amazing.  Bright burnished copper, "a subtle hint of Mauve"*, and a shock of colo(u)r that has been worth pausing and taking note of.  There may be too much artificial lighting here to see the Milky Way, but the sunsets are spectacular.

*Two points if you know where that quote is from...

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