Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Careful, That USB Drive Isn't Perfect

I grabbed the chip out of the camera today to see what I had in store.  There are a couple of the usual pictures of lizards in weird places, my dog looking cute, night shots, and other things around town.

Looking at the chip in the reader, I used Windows Explorer to go through to the directory to find all the 84 megs worth of pics on the little 512 meg chip that I thought I had.

The key word is "Thought". 

You see, Windows 7 can't see what's on the chip.

Lately I've gone through some odd problems.  The laptop is new.  I've only had it for 2 months.  Nice little thing, it does everything I need even if it is a year old.  So I trust it.

The problem seems to be the peripherals that I plug into it. 

The machine is small, a 12 inch "convertible tablet" so it can go everywhere.  Keyboard and touch screen that let me do some really interesting things with it.  It has HDMI so I have used it along with an external wireless keyboard and mouse to do presentations on the TV simply by plugging in the cable and the transmitter.  I then have a big monitor that I can show things on.   There are larger but this does the job perfectly.

So as I am plugging things in and taking them out I expect everything to work without question.

That was perhaps a bit naive.  You see you have to be careful with technology.  If you have static, especially, you can have your hardware die well before its time.

I think that is what happened with my little 512 Meg Chip.

My "big green chair" has a fuzzy synthetic cover on it.  I go to stand up and of course that builds up a charge.  Walk over to the dog and she's grounded.  You hear a SNAP! and the dog is blinking at you as to why you did that you mean biped.

Now, while you annoy the dog with your static, think of what you are doing to that little electronic device.  It's much better for both dog, electronics and loved ones if you reach over to the lamp, hold onto the metal base and then stand up.  Will you remember every time? I doubt it, but those times you remember, your dog and everyone else around you will thank you. 

Those static shocks are annoying.  I'm just "shocked" that I can get them here in Florida where the house is kept at 80F and 50 Percent Humidity during the day.   The poang chair under the ceiling fan is quite comfy, thank you!

Ok now to apologize to the dog...

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