Thursday, June 23, 2011

Yes, The Pavement is Hot on the First Day of Summer

I have written long about this subject, how Mrs Dog is a Mc Nab Dog

A Mc Nab Dog is a special kind of Border Collie.   While that's an inexact description, for the most part folks will see her and think she's a BC.  These dogs were derived from the Border Collie Line, but they were bred for intelligence.  She's my shadow, she's my friend, she's my protector.  If I'm having a bad day and need a cheer up, she comes by and insists I give her attention.   If I'm feeling 'up' she comes by with the toys and we make some noise. 

This dog is so intelligent that I can't spell things to confuse her because she will figure them out and then what do you do?   I use some very indirect and inexact language to describe things because if I am trying to decide where to go, she'll try to guide me there.   If it's a Long Walk, we're doing the entire Wilton Drive.  If I want Peanut Butter, she's going to try to invite herself for some.

I always cave on that one, she gets to lick the butter knife clean more often than not before I put it into the dishwasher.

The day I'm writing this piece was the First Day of Summer.  June 21st, 2011.  It was late in the afternoon, and the sun was still brilliant in the sky.  Air temp 91 and not a cloud in the sky.

We walked to the front door after the door bell rang and I had a short chat with my neighbor Lisa about this and that.  After Lisa left, Lettie walked out to the driveway and stood there watching things go by.   My driveway has some aging black top on it, so it is more grey than black, but those stones got warm.

That was when I noticed it... Lettie, my Mc Nab Dog, smartest of all breeds was doing something I haven't seen since the last National Geographic special on Lizards.   This dog was lifting first one paw then the next to keep them cool.  Black dog, Black top, Hot feet and instead of moving the five feet east to the grass, she was standing there cycling through her feet one at a time at first.   As time progressed, she went to alternating two feet at a time.   I knew that these dogs were stable on their feet but this was a bit much.

She's also an Older Dog, almost 11 and having been through two strokes, She is beginning to act Older as well.  I was calling to her in a conversational tone to come inside.

Since she was facing down the driveway and I was behind her on the porch, she also could not see me come up behind her to get her to come inside.  When she did, I did the universal hand signal of a crooked finger to get her to follow and she came in the house.

Luckily I have a quiet street, but this is something to watch.  I know she understands the concept of Traffic since she was an Ex-Stray, but now without full hearing and age creeping up on her, it may be the best thing to keep her on the leash instead of letting her visit with Lisa on the front porch.   After all, all it takes is one fool driving down the street too fast and tragedy would ensue.

Residential streets are full of children, folks, so if you're in my neighborhood of Wilton Manors, slow down.   I swear, I could live a very comfortable life writing tickets at the stop sign near the house that is ignored at night...

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