Monday, June 6, 2011

Facebook Observations

First you hear about this New Thing.  Facebook.

You can reconnect with people.
You can reconnect with lost loves and family members.
You can look into old neighborhoods and old friends.
You hear about all that buzz and want to join.

Log in, start answering nosy questions, and "Like" things.

It's all marketing.  Everything on there is going on to a big database, no different than google in actuality.  If you want your privacy you have to spend cash and stay off line.

We can't do that now, there are too many financial benefits to being online and connected.

Even those of us who are financially not so very well off can find a way to pay for their internet connection and their computers simply by shopping online.  In some European areas, it's considered a civil right to be online.

All the while on Facebook you are connecting.  First with your closest friends and family.  Then with your most important things like the companies you deal with and your favorite actors, actresses, artists, and other notables.  

I was reading my Facebook Status Screen this morning in a break from "things".  I've got some video work and I have to be the Budget Analyst today for someone who I did some work for way back when so I thought I'd check in and see what's up.

I try to be very careful who I "Friend" and who I "Like".  If you're a Facebook Friend of mine, I've actually thought it through and you're there by choice.   There is only one person in the world who I have completely blocked from any and all access to my postings.  I've got a moderate amount of friends on there, and I prefer not to have to keep after it every moment of the day.  An occasional glance is sufficient to keep up with the statuses of all the Technology Blogs, Personal Updates, and other News Items I have on there.  I use Facebook now more as a feed on the world at large.  It makes it easier for me than to have to hop onto the technology journals daily that I need to stay on top of Programming, Computer Hardware, Computer Software, Science... well you get the idea!

One interesting thing occurred to me just now.  It's the modern day equivalent, the Facebook Version, of "You never know someone until you live with them".  I have a few people who I friended because I ran into them in a social or political event.  I don't really know them but it's best to stay connected just in case. I realized that I looked forward to this person's status updates.  The person who will remain nameless (because in reality there are more than one) puts up postings from their life that are actually interesting.  Their view may not be something that I agree with, and everyone who reads this blog realizes that I have my own off the wall opinions, but every time that the person posts something I have this "Oooh Look At This!" thought and eagerly read the post.

It doesn't happen with everyone, some folks are content to sit in the background and just glance.  Some of my dearest friends are on Facebook and hardly use it.  I'm on it every day in background because my routine of looking for work, web development, social media, and technology training require that I stay as current as I can. 

I may be underemployed, but it doesn't mean I'm watching TV all day.

I consider it an honor to experience other's differences and diversity and to be invited to do so.  To this I humbly say thank you for inviting me to press my nose up to the glass around your lives.  It doesn't necessarily mean that I agree with you and your opinions, but merely that I find them so very fascinating.

Yes, another posting of the obvious, I suppose, but isn't that what blogging is all about?  After all, a blog post is merely a status update on Facebook, and on here they tend to be long winded in comparison to the 430 characters there.

So enjoy your stay and I promise I'll clean the nose print off the glass. . . Here!  Let me get that!

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