Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Summer Sunrise over Wilton Manors - Picture

In the morning, taking Mrs Dog out for her morning Drag, I am fortunate enough to be able to see the sunrise come up over the ocean.

With crepuscular rays rising west from the beach between the distant hotels, and grey and gold cotton candy clouds greeting the watchers, it only takes a viewer to behold them.

These days, the sunrises and sunsets have been spectacular.  Of course these clouds may rain on us, wash the dust off of the streets, and send us for cover.  How bad can it be when the rain is as warm as you would adjust a cool shower in your own bathroom.

The walks are slower than they had been, but longer.  Mrs Dog is tolerating the heat less these days, I'm needing the distance to pretend that I'm getting exercise.  As long as she's able, she'll be brought around town.  She's the "Canine Ambassador for Wilton Manors to Snowbirds" it seems, greeting everyone with a wag and a sniff. 

Who knows whether she appreciates the morning light show, I certainly do. 

Never having seen an Aurora in the Northern Skies, I'm content to see the Florida mornings shimmer and turn the sky from grey to gold, then to white and blue.  The tail end of the summer has so far been a gentle time with flowers in bloom and afternoon thunder and lightning shows to entertain those who get to watch them. 

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