Saturday, August 6, 2011

Velma Approves of this Picture

Every morning, and some afternoons I was fortunate enough to ride home from work with this smiling face.

Warm and engaging, Velma started my days off with a smile.  Once we got going, I would want to stay on the train with her and our friends that were made over the years of riding from my house on the R7 Chestnut Hill West train to my office at Temple University.

It has been 6 years since I moved away, but Velma has stuck with me and kept writing emails and sending me most of the jokes that I post here. 

I told her a while back that I was using her picture to link up with the jokes and she wanted an upgrade.  The old picture was one that she had sent right after the Philadelphia Eagles had won a particularly important game.  Mondays, after the games in Football Season, she'd be on the train dressed sometimes in Head to Toe Eagles Green and White, smiling and excited talking animatedly about the games.  During holiday seasons sometimes she'd entertain us with a Santa Hat or Red White And Blue pin and tell stories of how she was going to visit with family.

Rarely, she would be missing from that morning perch.  It wasn't quite the same.  I'd go back to doing my reading or listening to an Audio Book, the energy was changed.  Everyone was friendly but it seemed that Velma brought a special spark to that train car.  She'd sit with me in the front seat facing the door, we'd greet our friends as they'd get on the train at their stops and talk about things big and small, but always with a smile.

I can't ever think of her in a down moment, even when someone near was not having a good time.  Water off of a duck's back, the troubles would melt away if Velma was there.

That is why, after all these years that I share her and her humor with you.  A good friend of mine, hopefully she brings some warmth to your day.

So by her request, I've given her a new presence here.  She's dressed up for us, and I'll use this picture for now on or until she wants a change. 

Thanks Velma, I miss you and your warmth and your smile!

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