Monday, November 28, 2011

30 Percent Chance of Rain, 100 Percent Chance 30 Percent Will Get Wet

Living in the Tropics Adjacent South Florida means weather can come from any direction at any time.

Tropics adjacent because we're North of the Tropic of Cancer which lies 20 miles North of Cuba.

Yes, pedantic but literally true.  I am also 15 miles away from the freeze line either North or West according to the USDA Zone Map, if I am reading the thing right.

I have always checked the weather before going outside for any length of time, 21,000 miles of inline skating taught me how to read weather maps exceedingly well. 

Exceedingly well for more predictable areas.  Not here.

The first thing I do when I wake up is pad over to the iPhone, start up my weather map and try to read it.  No problem there, there are little dots of green all over the place.  They indicate that there are little bitty rain clouds here and there, and a lot of Ground Clutter.   No big deal, keep your eye over your shoulder when walking West and watch.

78 and a 30 percent rain chance. 

I learned that here, a 30 Percent Rain Chance means that it is a 100 Percent Chance that 30 Percent of us will get wet.  Just like in the topic.  Since I have moved here, on more than one occasion, I have seen it rain in the front yard and not the back, with sunshine and light ocean breezes.

Usually when that happens it will switch just to keep you guessing and the front yard dries out as the swimming pool gets filled.  Grab your camera, you most likely will see a Rainbow.  Sometimes with the UV Stripe showing to the bottom of the Rainbow.  I've seen that happen too.

Keeps you guessing.

Luckily it's South Florida.  It rains, you dry off, no problem.  Takes about 20 minutes normally.

Some of those "storms" are nothing more than someone standing on the roof with a spray bottle and giggling with a beer in their hands.  In other words, inconsequential. 

That was what I expected today.  I got up before dawn, gathered myself and Mrs Dog up and we walked out the front door for our morning mile and a quarter.  It was bone dry until I got to City Hall.  The ghost there was standing on the roof with that spray bottle and managed to get one drop on me. 

Oh yes, I see you up there, taunting me and my dog.  Spritz! Spritz! Spritz! away you silly poltergeist!

Literally one drop.

The end of the walk was in sight, I was thinking of a big mug of coffee and my morning yogurt and oatmeal when I heard it.  I had been under awnings and overhangs for the last couple hundred feet, and the sound became quite loud.

It started raining.  Immediately.  Someone on the roof had put down the spray bottle and turned on the fire hose.   All at once. 

Lettie stopped her walk when I did and looked up at me with those brown eyes.
I said "wait" as I put the headphones in my pocket with the radio, and thought I'd just stand there for a little bit. 

Nobody tends to be out at the pre-7AM Hour other than dog walkers so I thought I'd be there alone with my dog contemplating the dance of the Sugar Plum Fairies on the asphalt when she made the decision that she wanted to go home and lounge on the cool tiles in the house.

I did what I usually do in this case.  Take off the shirt and soldier on home.  It was only another couple hundred feet to the house.  Wadding the dark blue T Shirt up into a tight ball, I stepped out into the torrent.  Nobody was out in the weather at this time but us two and I started walking home enjoying the cool rain on my warm skin.

Ladies, I wouldn't try that.  Wilton Manors is a very Progressive city but I suspect they might get a little cross if the WMPD came by and saw "the girls" out playing in the rain.  Luckily, I'm in much better than average shape for a man my age and wouldn't "offend".

At least I don't think so...

Luckily, as fast as it started, it stopped.   I literally went from torrent to dry in the span of two homes.   The rain hadn't really stopped.  I turned around and the current of water had been drawn up from where I was and was moving slowly up the street to the commercial district about as fast as you could walk.  If I had a mind to, I'd be able to follow it.

Weird weather in this town.  2 minute showers aren't even long enough to get wet enough to bring the soap if you had a mind to!

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