Friday, November 18, 2011

Rainy Days and Mondays

Surprisingly don't bother me as much as they used to.

Yesterday before the dawn I took Mrs Dog out for her morning mile and a half.  I stepped out of the house, walked to the street and waited as she sniffed the air.   I did the same thing.  The wind was wrong.

The area here has a predictable morning breeze that starts up between 8 and 9 in the morning.  It comes from the ocean, blows down the street here since it is an East-West street, and continues onward. 

It also picks up dust and salt spray along the way and tries to dump it here.  Thankfully most of it is gone by the time it is this far inland, but there's enough that collects on my windows and my Jeep.

I walk the dog before the dawn and there are rarely any breezes at all at that time of the morning. 

Yesterday there was a breeze coming in from the Northwest. 

Muttering to myself that "Weather's approaching" I look at the skies and see Orion's belt and one of the dippers as I walk toward Wilton Drive for the Morning Constitutional.

When I got home, it said that the next day, today, would be raining.

I was right and so were they.  This morning is grey and the morning winds are bringing with it rains from The Bahamas.  The whispering pines of my youth are traded for the bottle brush tree and the beards of Spanish Moss that I have been trying to get to take with some success.  They'll get their water today.

Bands of it.

The Palms are doing their best to look like Palms instead of a toilet brush gone awry in all these breezes.

It's all good.  The rains when they hit are biblical but not frigid.  An umbrella is usually pointless in this kind of weather, it's easier just to pull off the T Shirt and walk home. 

Ladies, don't try that, it will do more than raise an eyebrow.
Men if you can't see your toes when you're standing, don't try that either.

Just one of the entertaining things of living in the Tropics-adjacent Fort Lauderdale Area.  Tourists on the beach getting sandblasted and enjoying the weather are replaced by a shopping trip on this Not-a-beach-day Friday.

So!  Who has a good idea for lunch?

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