Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Not Working Outside Today

It's a cool day here.  The sun is brilliant, not a cloud in the sky.  I thought that since it wasn't windy, why not take the laptop out by the pool.  The dog won't mind, she'll love being out there soaking up some sunshine.

So walking the mug of coffee outside, I'm followed by the faithful sidekick around the yard. 

Never walk outside without intending to pull weeds.  That's a truth pretty much wherever you live.  Here, you drop a seed on the ground, it will grow next time it rains.  As I wander out to inspect the orchids hanging from the shed, I notice some Virginia Creeper.  So lets pull it and see where it goes!    40 feet later, that monster had run down the tree from behind the Staghorn Fern that is trying to get established but failing, to the grass.  In the grass it was well established and pulling it left a stripe of sod pulled up.  Working with the root it hit the hedges near the garden.  From that point it branched into a net of roots running along the garden that eventually consolidated into one runner.

Great!  I can pull that one and get rid of the plant!

Not so fast.  That root ran South for another 10 feet and disappeared under the Hibiscus.  Oh well, at least it will take time to reestablish.

While I was tearing up one side of the yard, my dog was dining on the yard.   We both created our own little mess.  Since my dog has a "Soft Personality", calling out to her to get her to stop would work but give her an unwanted attitude adjustment.  I took the high road.  Gathering up 40 feet of vines, I walked to the trash can and told her "Good bye!" as I walked toward the back door. 

The intention was to leave her out there so I could be out for a while without having a nose pressed against the glass.  After all, I'd have to clean the blasted thing. 

She made it into the house before I could and went into the next room.  Well out of sight, she's lounging in the living room on her mat.

Me?  Well I never made it outside.  The coffee came in with me and I settled down in the regular chair at the regular spot looking longingly outside.

She must have know I really didn't want to go outside and feed the pet mosquitos. Sometimes I think she knows me better than I know myself.  I'll try to sneak out later.  There are plenty of nose prints on the back door already, most about six feet off the ground as it is.

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