Friday, November 11, 2011

We Have Windows To Lube - Picture

You aren't here today, or this week.  Let me tell you this weather we've had since the rains stopped has been exactly why people move to Florida.

The heat of the summer left a while back, we had some bizarre rains that flooded the lower grounds and luckily left me high and dry.  After that stopped it got gloriously sunny and cool - well cool for us.

Summer can be three months of 95F temperatures where we learn how to walk from palm tree to palm tree, from awning to overhang, and stand on corners under the shade of the telephone pole.  In short it's high summer from May to October and it can be quite hot.

I like it warm, in fact I'm lucky that way, I'll admit it, but at 1PM when the sun is two degrees from due up and it's 95 in the shade just like the last two months, we all get to thinking about hiding in the Air Conditioning and having a cold one of choice.

The benefit is that when it is 95 here, it can be 100 in the big cities of the Northeast, or 110 in the Midwest.  We're cooler as a result.  Just don't ask about Orlando.  No sea breezes and 105?  I'll stay in Wilton Manors.

I did realize that it was time to crack open the windows finally.   When I did they were a bit stiff and had to be lubed.  We've got Jalousie windows that are designed to let the wind blow through the house but they're also made with 13 panes of glass, each held up with aluminium clips and hinges. 

I counted them.

All of those hinges need to be lubed from time to time to make sure they don't bind up.   Grabbing the White Lithium Grease and a handful of cotton swabs, I set to work putting a dab of lube under each hinge on each side of each window, plus the back side of the closer crank, and moving on. 

After doing the first window I noticed a nervous McNab Dog watching me work.  Can't have been the music, I had Hawaiian Music flowing on the Florida sea breezes instead of something much more aggressive.  I think she just wanted out.

Going inside to get that first Cold One, lemonade this time, I walked back out to the living room and there she was.  Mrs Dog decided that I was going back out to finish the job and parked herself on the green grass of the lawn and wasn't going anywhere. 

Why leave?  It was cool and breezy and sunny and I may need help.

There are quite a few windows on this Old Florida Home.  Sometimes I think architecture of this vintage was designed to be as close to that fabled Glass House as possible, with large overhangs to limit the sun coming in and many Jalousies.  They're a little bit of work, but it's nice to have some help.

Oh, and Mahalo for reading!

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