Thursday, November 1, 2012

Halloween on Wilton Drive

After getting our one and only group of trick or treaters, I began to shut down the computers.

I had a mission.

Hearing the thumpa-thumpa of the party a few blocks away, I thought that I should go out to see what was going on.  I put on the costume of the night, a passable Doctor's lab coat and scrubs from my sister, and walked out the door.

With a "collie dog's smile" plastered on my face, I left the porch and started toward The Drive.

You did know that The Drive is always capitalized just like some other places like The Mile or The Avenue?   If you live near these places, you know what I mean.  It could just be Downtown, we've all got them.

I turned East toward the nearest thumpa-thumpa and started seeing them.  People not as they are, but as they want to be.   I had to ask myself why someone would want to be a zombie, but apparently many people did want to be un-dead.   Personally... well it seems a bit overdone.

Just a bit.

We walked up toward one of many stages, a Doctor and a Hard Hatted Construction worker, being spotted by one Zombie in particular.

"Doctor, Please... BRAAAAINS!"
"Sorry, I think you're too far gone for me to help!"

One of many zombies.  So many zombies, so few braaains.

There were costumes that reminded me of New Years, or was it Mardi Gras?   Giant feathered things piled high on shoulders like huge wings in shimmering colors that caught the light evening breezes.  Some looked like they had just came off "Two Street" ready for the strut, others were looking for "The Quarter" resplendent in their purple, gold, and greens.

Being dressed as a Doctor, I was asked if I gave exams.  There was a very cute pair of women in particular.   One was dressed like the Swiss Miss cocoa mascot, the other ... well she was all in pink.  In fact she was a whole lot of pink bits.  All those flaps of pink felt in an excellent representation of "lady parts".

If you don't know what "lady parts" are, ask mom.

"Doctor, can you tell me, how do I look?"
"Professionally, I'd say you look really sweet!"
Her partner said "you can believe it!"

I gave them each a piece of well earned chocolate and posed for a picture between them.  Somewhere floating around is a picture of a doctor, his exam, and the Swiss Miss cocoa girl all smiling and acting silly.

It was an excuse to make new friends and visit with old ones.  I got the chance to chat with three of my neighbors, and enjoyed it so much that we had to break it up when one of my neighbors called her mom asking where she was and what she was doing.

"I'm on The Drive looking at all the fun!"
"(address) Come and find me, we're having too much of a good time to come home"
"Can you believe it, my daughter is trying make me feel guilty!"

 We did decide, though, that skin was in, but if you're going to show it, make sure you have it to show.  Even if you don't have it, make sure it shows.  After all, that's what tissue paper and rolled up socks are for.

The one thing that stuck in our minds was how frustrating it was when people come up to you and say hello and demand that you know who they were. 

"No, I didn't recognize you, you look like President Obama only really tiny."

Or  "I think that's one of the commissioners, but I'm not sure..."

It was one of those days where you thought you were lucky you knew "practically the whole police force by face" because there were so many people walking around dressed like cops you thought you were at a donut shop.

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