Tuesday, November 6, 2012

VOTE!!! For iPhone? Huh?

Sometimes these things just write themselves.

This morning, I was offered the following advice.

1) Vote a straight Democrat Party Ticket.
2) Vote NO on all Florida Amendments.  Seriously, they were written as "Poison Pills" to further erode the strength of the very wobbly middle class.  If you read them very carefully you will see what I mean.
3) Bring a small folding chair, water and maybe even food if you vote today.  You will be in line and you may be there for hours.
4) If you plan on voting Republican, remember that the lines will be much shorter tomorrow.

Oh and that title?  Vote for iPhone?   It is actually a game you can download and play to bash either Presidential candidate.   It is free at least today, and you can just swipe through the adverts so you can bash the Presidential candidate of your choice.


I'm thinking on Wednesday this particular game won't be quite as fun to play no matter how things go.

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