Monday, November 26, 2012

Need Help Thinking? Maybe it is too Quiet

Stumbled across this one the other day.  Apparently if the room is too quiet or too loud, your mind finds other things to do.  At the Goldilocks zone of just right, you are more creative.

As intros go that isn't one of my best ones. 

See anyone who has lived with me or visited me for any length of time will tell you there is always some sort of noise going on in the house.  

Always except when I'm sleeping, then it's the ear plugs.

It helps clear the mind and allow you to concentrate on tasks. 

The idea is that you need some "Ambient" background noise to help you detach from the random noises that will break your concentration.  The bird outside, the car horn a block away, the approaching train a mile and a half away at 4:30 in the morning on the FEC tracks a mile off.   Having a noise that you choose in the background that is loud enough to overpower the ice cube maker in the kitchen helps you maintain a nice easy pace.

I'd suggest a mid tempo Dance station or a Classical Pops format, but that's my taste. 

If you listen to talk radio, especially someone like Rush Limbaugh, you would be wrong.   No, I am sorry, wrong.  There is never a time where it is appropriate to listen to a fool like that one or any other shouter.

The sweet spot is roughly 70db which is a "comfortable" listening level for background music in the living room.   Any more than that it will get the parrot talking to the singer.   That would be wrong as well, even if it is his house too.

So next time you get the urge to turn on some music and think that it's a distraction, it isn't.  Enjoy.

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  1. Yes! And that's why I listen to CONTEMPORARY SMOOTH JAZZ while working!!!!!!! Some of the music is UPBEAT, putting me in a good mood. Other songs are MELLOW, keeping me from having a meltdown. Absolutely could NOT work without it!!!!! And thanks to EUGE GROOVE's music for helping me get thru the day!!!!!!!