Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Bashful Vanda - Picture

Why is this a Bashful Vanda?

Have you ever had a picture you wanted to take for a month and never had just the right shot?

This was mine.  At least this time it was mine. 

I have a bunch of Orchid plants all over the yard.  This one is one of the later ones to bloom and it opened about a month ago.

I immediately wanted a picture, but never was around at the right moment.  Either it was shaded or it was night. 

Literally this is in direct sun for about 15 minutes a day.

Finally, this weekend, I found myself in the kitchen when the sun hit it just at the right angle.  Grabbing the memory chip and the camera, I trotted out back and grabbed a number of pictures from this orchid and the other plants like the Poinsettia in the background.  There are others I'll probably post here.  There's one in particular that the flowers look like butter from the back.

I don't mind the shadows in this shot, it's more honest as to show how it lives there.

I can't even move the thing.  It likes where it is.  So much in fact, the roots have welded it to the fence.   The plant is there and that's that.

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  1. The orchid is lovely, and it looks nice with the poinsettia near it - just beautiful color everywhere! Enjoy!