Friday, February 1, 2013

Fairchild Gardens End of the Day Tower - Picture

Have you ever gone somewhere, found something beautiful, and couldn't tell someone else how to find it?

That's the story with this particular sculpture.

It's a rather famous one.  It's the Dale Chihuli work called "The End Of The Day Tower". 

Visiting Fairchild Tropical Gardens, you will stumble across quite a few pieces of public art.  In the case of this work, the entire piece is a collection of pieces of hand blown glass that were knitted or stacked together.   The resulting tower is mounted in a small pond with fish that were the same colors as the main parts of the work. 

The thing is that the building didn't really have a clear place to enter.  No signs saying "Hey dummy, come on in here", or something like that.   We found a door that looked plausible and walked through a couple different rooms until we found this particular display. 

Luckily, the sun was shining on the Tower and creating a display of colored light on the fish. 

So nice of a display that one of the volunteers there made it a point to have me look at it.  "You're lucky you got to see it.  This morning it wasn't sunny enough to look right".

Nothing Fishy about that!

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