Thursday, February 7, 2013

Who's at the Pool, Dad? - Picture

She's still following me around.

Even with bad kidneys and being on the half-a-pill-a-day club for her thyroid, she wants to be with us.

The other day, I wandered outside for my morning inspection of the plants on the drip feed irrigation and snapped this shot.

When I got to the door to come outside, she had glued herself to the side of my leg as if to say if you're going, so am I.

Loyalty, thy name is Lettie.

She's still not eating much on her own, but accepting syringe feeding as if it were normal for a dog to have food that was warmed and piped into her mouth like a cake decorator.  Twice a day.  Got that down to a science.  In fact, it takes about 15 minutes each time, about as long as it used to take for me to get her prepared for the walk.

We're in our bonus time.  Whatever she wants, she gets.  Even if it is just to go out to the backyard and sniff the plant pots for lizards.

The trick with keeping a working breed happy is to give them a job.  They feel best when they're occupied and mentally stimulated.   In this case I'm her job.  I guess that makes me her work.  I've been called a work in progress before, but by the dog?

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  1. Hang in there, Lettie. You look good, girl.