Monday, June 24, 2013

The Elephant in the Room Has Left The Drive

After a weekend of listening to my windows rattle from two separate giant towers of speakers three blocks away, it is now what passes for quiet here in Wilton Manors.

The birds have not quite returned yet.  There are different birds out there chattering, but after being subjected to over-enthusiastic DJs who cranked the music past Eleven to somewhere in the stratosphere, the usual ones have left.

So loud in fact that when I went out to see what was going, the music out in front of my own house was louder than I listen to music INSIDE the house. So loud that when you walked out to see the party, people would walk past visibly faster and not linger because the bass note hit your chest like a concussion shock wave.  The third music stage was much better managed down at the stop light, people were actually hanging around and enjoying themselves there. 

The city did an excellent job of managing the few parking resources they had.  The neighbors who didn't want people using their lawns as a parking lot had cans out to block.   Signs were posted where you could and could not park.  Those who did had $10 fees for the privilege.  There were lost cars and taxis speeding through the area all weekend.

June in South Florida is a punishing time of year to hold anything outdoors, that 90 degree sun on black asphalt means that the apparent temperature is enough to cook an egg.  The crowds at the peak of things would show you that it simply was the wrong time of year to be out for long periods.

Parties can be fun, when they're not too much of a good thing.  The parade was a blast.  The DJs were not.  Wasn't the choice of music, they played what I listen to normally, it was just the volume.  In fact, everyone I had spoken to about the festivities had about the same comments. 

You can't please everyone, but sometimes it's obvious what to do.  In this case, I'll please myself by forgoing the need to mention which specific party it was.  If you were here, you knew.  If you weren't, then I won't spoil it for you, I'll let you be surprised for yourself.

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