Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Why Yes! The Blog Does Have a New Template! Thanks for Noticing!

This blog runs on Blogger.  I toyed with putting it on Wordpress but that would just have me monkeying around with more web tools.  I'm fine with that but it felt like it was redundant.  I've already got a couple web servers in the house, and I'm quite comfortable writing web pages.

It used to be a badge of honor to have a little icon saying that a page was "Written on a Mac" or running on ASP or something else.  Typically when I write a web page, I sit down with a blank screen and write code from memory.

Written on Notepad.

Using Blogger, which is one of Google's tools, has an interesting quirk.  Features magically appear.  Today it looks one way, then someone throws a switch somewhere and all the sudden I get access to new "stuff".

It's the same way for any of the websites that I work for that use Google Sites.   Today it can do one thing, tomorrow it's different.

I got curious poking around Blogger yesterday.  I was looking at my readership numbers and noticed that there were new templates.  I clicked on one forgetting the biggest fault I found with Google tools - they generally do things "NOW" and can't easily be switched back.

So I had gone through a couple different looks and settled on this one.  It isn't carved in stone, I may get fancy and play around with fonts and colors.  I'm not a fan of "Arial" or "Helvetica", and it seems that everything from Blogger to Microsoft Word wants you to use those.

Too common, too much of a "Me Too" look.  Lazy, perhaps, as well.

I applied the template and there are a few things that I lost like the spinning globe.   I may put that back, haven't decided yet.  I can always play around under the hood with the CSS and see what I get.

So for now, my daily readers get a new look here on the web.  Both the Mobile and the Browser based sites have been changed.  RSS I guess looks the same as always, text and little formatting on a mostly blank page.


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