Friday, June 14, 2013

Welcome To My Back Yard - Picture

I guess I just wanted to take a "pretty picture".   On the same day I took the one of the dead water heater for yesterday's post, I wandered around the yard looking for "pretty". 

There were a couple of pictures that simply didn't turn out since I don't have a Macro Zoom on my little camera. 

Too bad, there was a little snail climbing up my Mango tree that made for an interesting shot.

The close up of this hibiscus was out of focus but this one turned out nicely.   Composition could be better I guess, but hey it is what it is!

So enjoy this Postcard picture of Casa de Ramblingmoose Spa, also known as my backyard, next to the pool. 

It's June, so the pool water temp is in the mid 80s, and the sun is intense.  At noon, the sun is about 85 degrees above your head.  You're guaranteed to get your Vitamin D and a tan.

Flip every 15 minutes or less or else you might burn.

We Floridians tend not to sit out in the sun though, it's a bit much every day.

There's iced tea in the fridge, stronger stuff for the 'dults, and I've been wanting to make Oatmeal Cookies.  That may be a project for the weekend.

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