Saturday, December 29, 2018

I ordered a chicken and an egg from Amazon... I'll let you know.

I see these beasts all over the neighborhood. 


Since someone is feeding them around here, they are breeding.  Or a more accurate way to describe that is that since we're overrun with ducks, she's feeing the foxes.

Remember, fellow babies, if you're buying food for the ducks, you're feeding the ducks to the foxes.

But that is neither here nor there.    Just keep them out from under my Jeep.  They're lousy at cleaning up after themselves!

A man walks into a bar with 3 ducks under his arms...

He places each one on a stool, orders beers for each and himself, then heads to the toilet.

The bartender has seen it all, but figured he'd ask the duck's how they're doing. As he sets the beer in front of the first duck he asked his name, how he is and what he did today?

Duck responds: My name's Huey and I'm great because I've been outside playing in puddles all day!

Second duck responds: My name's Dewey and I'm great too because we've been outside playing in puddles all day!

He goes to the third duck and says, "I guess your name is Louie?"

Third duck says, "No, my name is puddles. Don't ask me about my damn day!"

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