Saturday, December 1, 2018

Why has nobody invented a belt with a watch on it? Because it’d be a waist of time.

A group of vegetables were robbing a bank

A group of vegetables were robbing the Bank of America, in the beginning their theft was going well they had everything under control and were looking to end the operation as they managed to get all the money they need.

But unfortunately for them the police arrived soon after and they got into a lockdown with the robbers in the bank and the police waiting outside ready to capture.

The veggies managed to use a couple of the bank employees as hostages to make a deal with the police to let them leave the bank in turn for letting them go. So the police trying to make sure everybody is safe agreed to the veggies' deal and they got the hostages back and let them go in return.

Obviously afterwards the police trying to not let the criminals escape they began to chase the vegetables.

After a a while the police finally managed to capture the vegetables and brought them back to investigate all the group members. There were 3 of them in total, the first veggie and the guy who seemed to be leader was a cucumber after discussing with him for a bit they decided it was best to move on the the next guy as he wasn't revealing any information.

The next veggie was a tomato he seemed to be very hot headed and also very strong it was fairly obvious on why he partook in the operation but he was so angry that he wasn't saying anything.

Finally the last veggie was the spinach, he seemed fairly weak and didn't seem very intimidating so the police were very confused about why he was there and he replied

"No one expects the spinach in question."

(Ok, so if you don't get this one, Think Monty Python)

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