Sunday, December 9, 2018

There's no better time to add insult to injury than when you're signing a cast

Something tells me that this guy is a stay at home dad for some other reasons, but hey, I'm not judging!

I'm a stay at home dad and a writer

.. and every day at 3:15 my grade school daughter comes home and tells me what she did that day. Followed by my wife, complaining about inter-office drama and her "workload". And not to sound indifferent or an asshole, but I usually feign empathy or excitement.

But this week I found it impossible. I was lashing out with abrasive reactions like, "Oooh, Tommy held your hand and you got a 80 on your math test? .. whoopty doo" (mockingly)

I felt unwell and told my therapist everything that occurred over the phone and was expecting to hear "blah blah resentment, blah blah lack of power," but he replied, "You are constipated."

I quickly went back to apologize to my wife and tell her what my therapist said.

"Honey, I'm so sorry I reacted like that, my therapist said I'm constipated," I started.

    * sigh * She replied, "Every writer gets a block here and there.. but you've always been full of crap."

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