Saturday, June 15, 2019

What do you call a confused pig? Hamboozled.

Sitting watching an early morning rain,  wondering if the city will get its Pride celebration off the ground or will it be washed out.

Not that you have to be involved at any level but when a Pride Celebration is scheduled for a place just two blocks away from your living room, you will have a party. 

Or you just can sit in and let others have fun.

As for me, I have been tasked with making Lunch today, so it's going to be a very very busy day.  

...If I can get that dough started!

Whatever you do today, hopefully it will be Positive, Uplifting, and Proud.  

Enjoy yourself, no matter what.

Three men walking in a desert

Three men are walking in a desert when they stumble across a wizard next to a magical slide ‘Slide down this ride shout out the name of your favorite drink’ the wizard commands

The three men question his logic but never the less the first man climbs to the top of the slide and begins to slide down ‘Coke’ the man shouts and to his amazement he winds up in a pool of coke The second man is already at the top as he slides down he yells ‘Fanta’ and he too ends up in a pool of his favorite beverage.

The last man is up at the top of the slide is is a lot dumber then his comrades and is known for being idiotic sooooo when he is sliding down forgetting about what he is doing and enjoying himself he screams ‘weeeeeeeeeee’

Splash!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Well I don’t know what you were expecting

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