Sunday, June 30, 2019

Why do the shoes always lose?! Because of defeat!

Sunday Morning.  Banging my head against Spanish tests on line.  It gets frustrating if the "construct" isn't explained easily enough that you can grasp it.

You know.  It's not Why Can't Johnny Learn, but more like Why Can't The Teacher Make Themselves Understood.

So that may be a bit harsh, but I needed a break.  Screaming at the computer does not help...

But laughing at it does.  

A priest, pastor, and clergyman are sitting in a boat, fishing.

Around 7p.m. , it starts to get dark and the three have to get to shore.
Unfortunately , they hit a rock while rowing back and the boat springs a leak.
The 3 begin sinking.

The clergyman and priest begin freaking out, but then the pastor says, "guys, relax! We have faith in Jesus, remember?
If we pray to Jesus with true faith that Jesus will protect us, we can walk on water!"

The pastor prays, and then gets out of the boat.
The priest and clergyman watch in awe as he walks across the water and safely reaches the shore.

The priest says, "If God protected him, He will protect me, too!".
He prays, and proceeds to exit the boat and walk safely across the water to join the pastor on the shore.

The clergyman says, "Well, if they can do it, I can do it too!".
So he prays, and gets out of the boat, only to begin sinking.

As the priest and pastor watch the clergyman's head become surrounded by water, they look at each other and the pastor asks a single question.

"Do you think we should have told him where the rocks were?"

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