Saturday, November 28, 2020

I wrote a book on Reverse Psychology. Don't buy it!

A man gets pulled over at a DUI checkpoint...

A man is driving home from a party with his wife and son.
They get pulled over at a DUI checkpoint and the policeman gives the man the breathalizer test.
The machine beeps and the policeman asks the man to step out of the car.

‟Bull!”, he exclaims in response. ‟I haven’t had a single drop! The machine is obviously broken, test it on my wife!”

The policeman reluctantly agrees as the man does not seem intoxicated.
As the wife is blowing into the breathalizer, it beeps again and shows that she is drunk as well.

‟See? It does not work! You can even test my 4-year-old son!”

So the 4-year-old kid takes the breathalizer test and whaddaya know, it says he’s drunk as well.
‟As I said it is broken, you should get it checked.”

The policeman is left puzzled, he apologises and lets the man on his way.

As they start driving along again, the man turns to his wife and says:
‟You see that? I told you it won’t hurt to give the kid a taste.”

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