Saturday, August 28, 2021

What do you call a pig that does Karate? PORK CHOP!!

 As I am sitting here listening to the house wake up, and the Rock Dove on the fence say "Ooo hoo hoo hoo" I'm thinking of birds.

I mean, Oscar is in his cage, rattling around, there are birds everywhere, and they sometimes can be an interesting companion.  I suspect that was going through this guy's mind when he considered this out in LA.

Birds of no Feathers....

A man from Los Angeles took a job in San Francisco, leaving his 70 yr old, widowed mother of 6 mos to fend for herself. As her birthday was approaching, he went around asking his co-workers for ideas to get his mom a bday gift.

None of their ideas appealed to him, until someone suggested a pair of talking birds for $500 each and explained that he had gotten his own mother a pair and that she absolutely loves them. His co-worker added that they were no ordinary talking birds, that they could impersonate actors,, they dance, and tell jokes. But it will take them a day or two to get used to the new place and wont talk until then.

So he buys the birds and has them shipped to his mother. He calls her on her birthday the following morning. Mom answers, son says "Happy birthday Mom!" She says,"Oh thank you, dear,." He asks, "So Mom, did my gift arrive?" She says, "Yes It did. And I enjoyed them very much. Thank you, son. They were delicious. I plucked the feathers and cooked them like little game hens."

" No mom. Please tell me you're kidding" he said. She assured him that she wasn't and he proceeded to tell her about the price of the birds and everything they were capable of doing. "Wait."she said,"Those birds could talk?" "Yes,, mom. They sang and danced and they talked. ..."

" Well then, why the hell didnt they say something?"

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