Saturday, January 1, 2022

Happy New Year from Bill at Ramblingmoose

So Happy New Years Anyway right? 

With all the drama that the last two years gave us, I'm hoping for a quiet one this year.  We all have our own personal list of losses going on, just living and breathing will give you some chance for pause.

I was just looking at a list of things that I keep on a spreadsheet and my own workout schedule got interrupted a couple times due to various factors.   That's pretty minor in the grand scheme of things, but it does illustrate the point.

So go hug your loved ones, pet your dog or cat or whatever you consider your pet.  Stop and smell the roses.  Take picture of the blimp flying overhead.  Watch the ISS float in the night sky.

No matter what, I hope you will be back here same time next year to enjoy whatever it is that you enjoy safely.  I've already seen some predawn nonsense involving someone passed out in front of a bar, and someone else considering running across five traffic lanes to greet my dog.

Yeah, crazy I know, right?

Come on back next year and see if I recycle this picture yet again!

Happy New Year for 2022.

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