Wednesday, January 5, 2022

Time to plant Milkweed for the Butterflies again now that I was given my seeds.

It's January, just after the New Years week.  After that week where nobody really knows what they are doing and if they should be I have been puttering around the house.  The idea is to find things.

Or rather to FIND things.

You see we have been in the house since November, and just getting things back to where they should be.  All those things that are stored in boxes and put away for just the right time?  Well most of that is just stuff you're storing for the trash can anyway and can go out.

You have to either put it to use in a small 1200 square foot 110 square meter house, or you have to find a way to store it.  It might explain why there are just so many of those buildings around here converted into storage lockers.

Nice business.  Just pay someone else to keep the old socks you want to use to polish furniture for when you finally find the can of polish you bought so long ago that there's dust on the can.

No, not my way.  But imagine my surprise when I was presented with a ratty looking bag full of seeds that I have saved over the years.  Basil, Nasturtiums, Zinnia, and Hibiscus.  

There was also a bag full of Milkweed seeds.  You see, the Monarchs are so aggressive at feeding on the milkweed here that I never get any seeds from the plants.  I have taken to planting them under things and between plants so the little butterflies don't find them.  

I was given a frame by a friend that I can wrap in a mesh to keep the butterflies out but the mesh lasted only a season and then it degrades in the Florida Sun.

So I'm back to tossing Milkweed in the garden, taking cuttings, and hiding seeds again.

Just not in the house.  It's way too small for that, especially since we managed to remodel.

So in the best interests of domestic tranquility and general neatness, it is time to plant.  Actually if you are a gardener and you want new plants, January is a great time in South Florida to start.  Just remember to put up edging so the landscapers don't pull them all up.  That is a very different story indeed.

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