Wednesday, January 19, 2022

The Mystery of Four Dolls in M.E. DePalma Park Leads To A Doll Show In Wilton Manors

 When you live in South Florida, a little bit of color can surprise you.

You grow used to all the green here and I suppose that the flowers have a color palate that can grow familiar.   As you walk through the day you get to see a lot of green and a lot of spots of color.

That is what caught my eye.  The colors were wrong for the little park near home.  A bright little bit of the rainbow seated on a giant metal butterfly.

That park has flowers every month of the year, and lately it has been taken care of with some serious amounts of landscaping to clear out some of the overgrown plants.

So when The Girls appeared on the bench I was surprised.  They "popped" where they were.

Walking Mr Dog over to have a look I was being smiled at by them.  

So I smiled back, and asked Mr Dog "What's That?".

He smiled too.

I shrugged and thought they won't be there tomorrow but guess what?  Here they were.

They must have woke up during the witching hour and flew over to the little plinth in the middle of the little park so they can watch over things.

After a little poking around, my little flight of fancy leads to a Doll Show.  It turns out that our local gallery, the Art Gallery 21 is having a fund raiser event and sale.  On Saturday, January 22, 2022, from 10 AM to 1PM you can see these little girls as well and more, and help a good cause here in town.  There is a lot more information on their direct link, here, than I could possibly give in this format.

They will have exhibits of dolls of many kinds and eras as well as a family friendly space for creators of dolls and their fashions.  A perfect time for you or those who love the creativity and beauty of these figures.

But yes, my own little mystery has been solved.

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