Saturday, February 19, 2022

What is a cow's preferred drink? Moo-nshine.

So as the neighbors are getting up at the crack of pre-dawn and piling into the Pickup Truck Caravan to go fishing, there's always the story of the one that got away.

Personally I prefer mine on a bun with a bit of cheese and tartar sauce but you do you!

A fisherman catches a golden fish, and when he was about to put the fish into the net, the fish speaks to him:

    I will fulfill a single wish of yours so please let me go.

    Interesting, let me think a bit.

After few minutes of silence the fisherman continues:

    My country is poor and small. Make it large and powerful again.

    I am just a fish and not a god, so I can't do that. Wish something reasonable please.

    Ok, let my country have a wonder like Egyptian Pyramids, so everyone comes to visit it.

    Man, I told you, it's too big for me. You should ask for something smaller.

The fisherman pulls out three photos from his pocket and says:

    Ok, I understand. Here are the photos of my three daughters. Make it so that at least one of them gets married.

The fish looks at the photos a bit and says:

    What were you saying earlier about the Egyptian Pyramids?

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