Wednesday, June 1, 2022

Mango Lassi - A Smoothie For Any Day That The Blender Is Clean

We counted the calories on this.

For two weeks worth of meals a year, I get the equivalent of every single calorie I take in from the mango trees in the neighborhood.

Yes, it is a lot of calories.  I count every one of them and I shoot for 2100 calories a day with allowances for another 300.  I'm an athlete and I am pretty much hungry every moment of the day as a result.  On marathon days, I tell people I can have a SECOND piece of cake if I want and watch their jaws drop.

Oh I know it sounds weird and obsessive but think of it.  Between Mango Chunks, Jelly, and drinks, they have a lot of calories.  Add to it the Mango bread that is quite nice with the Mango jelly and you see where I am going with my numbers.  I already have about 12 jars of Mango chunks for Jelly in the freezer for when I can find the time to make the stuff so I think I will also make some Mango Oatmeal Raisin Cookies this year too.

17 calories an ounce so 6 ounces are 100 calories.

That's 102 calories for 28 grams if you are ... metric.  (gasp)

The entire recipe as I make it clocks in around 300 calories and a lot of fiber.   I make it without actual sugar so I can use it on a day that I am carbo-loading for my workouts.  It is traditional to use Honey instead of artificial sweeteners in it, but I found that the mangoes are already very sweet, and I wanted the lower calories.

With no fat in the fruit, it is endurance workout friendly as well.

Don't ask about "Runner's Trots", it's a rather unpleasant malady.  Too much fat in your diet before an endurance workout and you will be visiting the baƱo sooner than you would prefer and wondering why there aren't any shrubs around when you need them.

Ingredients as I made it this morning:

  • 12 ounces/336 grams of Rather Ripe Mangoes, chunked.
  • 6 ounces/170 grams of plain unsweetened yogurt.
  • 6 ice cubes and an extra 4 ounces of water (yes, arbitrary size) or about 200 grams total.
  • a dusting of cinnamon to taste
  • a packet of artificial sweetener or Honey (completely optional, I often forget this) to taste

Blend on high until smooth and drink.

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