Sunday, June 26, 2022

What do you call a cow in an earthquake? A milkshake.

I have heard different versions of this little story and this one seems to bundle a bunch of punch lines into one nice little package.


 A policeman stands near the road...

Waiting for some cars to pass by. Finally a family sedan appears in his sight and as the car approaches the officer gives a signal to the driver to pull up.

A young man and a young woman are sitting on the front seats while an elderly pair had taken the seats behind them. The sedan stops and the policeman staggers to the driver's window.

"'Mornin, officer" says the man behind the wheel
"Good morning, sir" coughing ". Well, it's a shame but it appears that the patrol car is out of fuel and I need to go to the town. Would you mind to give me a lift?"
"No problem" answers the driver.

So the policeman takes his seat between the elderly man and his wife and they all embark on. When the car reaches the town the officer says joyfully:
"Mister, you're a heck of a good driver. It was a pleasure to travel with you behind the wheel."
Driver: "Thanks, officer. Do you think I'm good enough to earn a driving license?"

Officer: "Wait a minute, you don't have a license!"
The young woman:"Oh, don't listen to him, officer, he's talking nuts when he's drunk"

Officer: "The hell he is!"

The older woman: "I warned you we shouldn't go nowhere with a stolen car."
Officer: "...?"

The Grandpa, awakening: "So what, did we finally cross the border? That fella in the boot is already stinky."

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