Wednesday, August 2, 2023

Diamonds in the sky and a bonus shower too?

I have a lot of pots in the backyard stuffed with oddball plants.  Many from seed, some from cuttings.

I'm growing just what you would expect here.  Citrus, Flowers, even an Avocado that is loving the heat.

I also have all that green on a drip-feed irrigation.  Sprinklers to the layperson.  Wee little things the size of a fingernail or a small coin.

The problem with this all is that it is ground water that is pushed through the pipes.  Ground water here is chock full of things that you don't want to drink.  Not to mention the chemicals that the neighbors are pumping into the soil so their precious grass doesn't have grubs, and bacteria, and iron in the water, there is also sand that gets sent into the lines at pressure.

All that stuff has to be cleared out from time to time.  I usually notice when something looks wilted.

I go out, use a piece of copper wire to ream out the connections while the system is running and all that junk comes flying out and soaks me.

I asked you not to mention chemicals, please!

Anyway, I was out there tending to this house of cards when I looked up.  The Lemon tree that I have in an old palm tree stump collects spider webs.  It's OK, the tree is outside, in a giant pot, and the spider webs are above even my head. 

But the morning sun was glistening through the water drops that landed on the webs and with the breezes blowing in from the ocean, the whole thing just shimmered in silvery diamonds.

If you have to be outside, soaked in water of questionable quality, it may as well bring beauty to the eye.

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