Sunday, August 20, 2023

I lost an argument to my English Setter. He just made such a good point.

 As I am getting ready to get out and take Rack for his second walk of the day.  We're having storms today, and the Radar looks like a Dalmatian's fur pattern.  Speckled.  With green, yellow and red blobs.

Stay Dry, Fellow Babies!

Two good old boys are out fishing, when a cruise boat with beautiful women appears.

Seeing the beautiful women, all in bikinis, one of them asks, “what should we do?” The others thinks upon it for a bit until he has an idea.
“Hey,” he says, “show them gals your nuts”

“Really?” asks his freind.
“Really” his freind responds.

At which point the buddy gets up and stands up in the fishing boat.
He puts his hands out and sticks his thumbs in his ears, waiving his fingers and jumps up and down yelling “Humbledegooobledegooble”

And while we're on the subject of crazy...

A city guy needs a bio break while driving through the country. He stops at a gas station, and they only have an outhouse.

He goes back to the outhouse, and there are two holes, one of them in use. He goes up to use the other one.
After he's done, 75 cents falls out of his pocket while he's pulling up his trousers. He looks in the hole, finishes pulling up his trousers and pulls out his wallet. He pulls out two hundred dollar bills and throws them in the hole.

The other gentleman in the outhouse has been watching, and says, "what did you do that for?"
He says, "You don't think I'm going down there for 75 cents, do you?"


  1. How do you say hello to a German loaf of bread? Gluten Tag!


  2. Person 1:
    In the beverage battle tea should have it in the bag , but coffee is likely to grind down the opposition.

    Person 2:
    For cracking gags like that you should be in court. I hope you have a good barista…