Saturday, August 26, 2023

In the beverage battle tea should have it in the bag , but coffee is likely to grind down the opposition.

Title, courtesy of Loyal Reader "Em"!

As I sip my own coffee after a 21 mile bike ride.  All over the city and through the park.  Yes, the bunnies are still on Jenada Isle.  I was out there just before Sunrise and they didn't seem to mind.  I didn't see any more over at Mills Pond Park in Fort Lauderdale but I was too busy avoiding the people coming in for their tournament.

I would prefer to inline skate but I have to say seeing the town on a bike on a Saturday Sunrise Workout is a nice consolation prize.

"This term," said the English teacher, "we will be studying 'The Canterbury Tales' "

"But," she added, "to anticipate a question I get every year -- this will not include The Nun's Priest's Tale"
"Why not?" asked one of the pupils. The teacher's features shaped themselves into an expression of sour disapproval.

"Because," she answered, "The Nun's Priest's Tale is lascivious, licentious, and utterly improper, especially for people your age. Now please open your copies to the General Prologue, and we will begin with that."
Next lesson, the teacher said, "Please open your 'Canterbury Tales' to The Nun's Priest's Tale, which I am assuming you have all read by now...?"

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