Sunday, August 13, 2023

I'm addicted to pistachios. I know, that's nuts.

It is now "Czechia" or "Czech Republic" and Slovakia, but I'm splitting hairs.  I'm also rather enjoying listening to Radio Prague International when I can on Shortwave.  It makes Czechia sound rather nice.

I'll admit, I'm odd, I'm probably the only person in my city that actively listens to shortwave radio on a daily basis.

 Killer Bear

In Czechoslovakia, a woman walks into a police station and reports that while walking in the woods she witnessed a bear attack a man and devour him. The police quickly form a search party to find and take care of the killer bear.

About an hour later they come across two bears together - a male and a female. One of the officers asks “how are we going to figure out which one did it”. One of his colleagues raises his rifle and shoots the male bear dead.

“How did you know which one to shoot?”, the officer asks? “Easy” says his colleague, “Whenever you are investigating a missing Czech, the answer is always the Czech is in the male.

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