Saturday, August 12, 2023

If women want a guy who is taller than them why do they care if he has hair on top of his head?

Just back from a bike ride, just finished the French Toast breakfast and am working my second mug of coffee.  Don't judge me, my cycling shorts are actually getting loose!

But I do need a vacation and my own Spanish just might be strong enough for a vacation En España.  ¿Por favor?

A Man Vacations in Spain

While he's there, he decides to get a tattoo to remember the trip by. Just his luck, though, the tattoo get infected. The local who has been showing him around notices the next day and offers to lend a hand.

"I know a guy who specializes in this exact thing," the local says. "He's a friend of mine and I'm sure he'll help you out."

"Really?" the tourist asks. "I would never expect you to know someone who specializes specifically in tattoo related medical issues."

The local turns to him and simply says, "Of course, nobody expects the Spanish Ink Physician."

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