Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Cold Weather in Florida?

Yes, it really does happen.   But like the "Shrinks" say, it is all relative.

Or as my relatives would say, Are you nuts?

Nope not really.  I've been living in South Florida, Broward County to be specific for more than three years now.   I've always liked warm weather, at least for the last 20 or so years I have, and when it got cold I went into hibernation.   There was a time where I could go out into below zero Fahrenheit weather in a pair of jeans, boots, flannel shirt, and a shearling jacket and be comfortable but later I got into shape.   You lose fat, you lose insulation and your tolerance for Sub Zero weather wanes. 

Before I moved here I started to get truly annoyed at anything below about 40 degrees and tried hard to stay inside.   The dog was much more tolerant, and she would be fine down to 10 but she'd have a fur coat on and walk so that I would shelter her from the winds. 

Now that I have been here for three years, I haven't been in anything colder than 50 degrees and that was inside of a BJ's Wholesale club refrigerator.   I'm living in a place that says "We keep Ice where it belongs... In our Drinks!" and means it.   This weekend was the first day that I have been in what I'd consider cold weather in a long time (I'm writing this on Sunday Night), and I didn't like it.   It was 60 when I walked the dog today.   Long sleeve shirt, jeans, heavy shoes and a leather jacket, and it was 60!   Oh yes, I was cold.

See it is all relative.   When you're used to walking around during the day in shorts and a T Shirt, having to even put on long pants feels weird, and a Jacket is a shock to the psyche.   So when you say "Tsk Tsk you have turned soft..."  I'll just hand you a snow shovel as I go for my leather jacket because it's cold.  I mean heck I can't take the roof off the car because...

...its below 70.

Complaints from Northerners start ... NOW!  :)


  1. Ok you know I would have something to say about the 60 degree temp being too cold-boo hoo to you!!! Just think we have the 50's and 60's right now as the high during the day and in a month or 2 it will be in the 30's and 40's for high temps!!! And I find as I get older I can't tolerate the cold temps like I use do! Yes the weather there does sound delightful!

  2. That it is! I know this is two weeks later, but we've got another "Cold" front that came through. Its all relative of course, but tomorrow AM when I walk Mrs Dog in the 50F cold, I'll be thinking of you folks! For now, its 78 with the windows open and the Thanksgiving Pot Roast cooking and making the neighbors hungry! :)