Sunday, November 1, 2009

Good Night, Gracie - My Senior Moment

I was out walking my Border Collie yesterday morning.  Nothing new about that, I do a walk with her three times a day.   Having a Border Collie means that you will be active, or you will have your house torn up.   I was told by Megs at Angel Pets Rescue in Dauphin County, PA when I got Lettie, Walk her as much as you can, as far as you can, for as often as you can and you'll have a wonderful relationship with your dog.  Maybe not in those words but if you have a Border Collie, or for that matter any other dog, they're words to live by.

Those long walks are long enough that I went back to my old skating habit of listening to either Audio Books or old time Radio shows.   Great habit to get into if you want entertainment and have to do something repetitive at 6AM when your mind is not quite there yet.   I have been listening to Burns and Allen for the last few days, and have been enjoying them.   Nice "Light Entertainment" as the BBC would describe it.

For example the exchange between George Burns and Senor Lee, his hispanic (Most likely "Mexican" back then) musician:

Senor Lee "I've been to Missippi"
George "Missippi?  It is Mississippi!"
Senor Lee "Mrs Sippi?  She got married?"

...And other cornball like that.  Well worth a listen if you get a chance.

As I rounded my half mile point and turned home, I ran into a woman who I see at least twice a week walking her Dachshund or as much as you can walk a Mini Dachshund like that.   We chat pleasantly every time we meet, she seems approximately 40 plus, so I assumed we were contemporaries.   She was asking what kind of music I was listening to and that was where I had to explain that I wasn't.   I was listening to Burns and Allen.   She had no idea who they were.   I know George had been quiet until the 80s and 90s but he'd pop up from now and then, he'd made his 100th birthday barely and went to his reward shortly thereafter and doing his trademark dry wisecracks with Gracie in the great comedy room in the sky.

Not only that she didn't know who George and Gracie were (Come in, I still hear "Goodnight Gracie" in sitcoms to date!) but she didn't realize that there were such things as Variety and Comedy shows on Radio back in the 20s through the 50s.  Fair enough, we all come from different backgrounds, and all have different interests, and we are talking about something that predates my own birth by years.   I guess with the era of 300 channels and nothing on, and satellite radio one tends to forget the history of popular culture from before they were born, even if they were taught it by their older siblings and relatives.

*sigh* Then again I'm currently listening to "Its Good to be the King (rap) by Mel Brooks" from 1982.   I had enough of trance for the day...

Who is Mel Brooks?   Well back in the old days when the world was all in Black and White and Dinosaurs roamed the earth....

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