Thursday, November 26, 2009

Thanksgiving Day

No turkey in my house.   Won't happen.  I'm having some folks over that the idea of serving Turkey means "I'm calling out for Pizza".   So what's going to happen?   Instead of my favorite stuffing with walnuts, orange slices and raisins, I'm getting Mashed Potatos.   Instead of the turkey itself, we're making a Pot Roast with Port Wine Gravy.

Yep, Port Wine.  The Drink of Choice of all Pirates.   Arrrrr!   Well that or a bottle of rum but rum gravy wouldn't be quite as good.   The trick is to slow roast the pot roast in a broiling bag with all the vegetables and a cup or two of Port Wine.   It doesn't have to be good wine, merely average will do.

When it comes out, the pot roast will fall apart, the carrots are literally like candy, the potatoes are smooth as silk and sweet.   Mash them all down with some sweet butter, unsalted, and preferably Home Churned, and you have an excellent meal.  

I may not get my Turkey Dinner, but I will be eating amazing sandwiches all month of December and I will make Cornish Pasties out of the bits and pieces left over.   I'll also have one very jealous Network Admin looking at that sandwich.  Home Made Bread, a slab of beef, and a bit of extra sharp Vermont Cheddar.


Or like the Officer said the other day when he had a cookie "It looks like we'll all need some extra road work now!".


  1. Yummy Brother-that description of the food has my mouth watering-literally!!! WOW you should think about being a food critic-you have a way with words!!!

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and I'll have some turkey and stuffing for you!

  2. Many thanks, Pat! I do enjoy cooking and especially baking so I guess that comes out in what I write here. That would be a real fun job too!

    Your stuffing is just the way I used to make it, I think. We learned from the same person, Dad. :)