Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Cookie Dough Therapy - The Return of Cookies

Yes, Cookies Start With C as Cookie Monster used to sing.

The cookies all got baked.   64 Chocolate Chip Pecan cookies, out of Four Pounds of dough.   You can estimate the calories for me, its kind of scary.  About an ounce per, so that's about 100 calories on average.

I took about 1/2 of them to work the next day.   6 went to my Network Admin, 24 found their way to the kitchen.  They were put on the counter with care, and a note saying enjoy.   They also didn't last too long and were mostly gone by lunch.   We have an office of under 20 people so that meant everyone could have one and some could have two.   Since there are a few who are on a more holistic or healthy diet than Full Butter cookies would allow, there's going to be a few with two or even more. 

The best scene was watching this big hulking BSO K9 Officer munching on a cookie with a wild look in his eyes of total enjoyment.   Think of the LOL Cats and caption the scene "Nom nomnomnomnomnom!".  After that saying "Now I'm going to need extra road work!".  Yep, we all need a few miles running after all that.

Oh I did reserve two for myself.   They'll be eaten with some rather good Ethiopian blend coffee from the company coffee pot.   I'll need the Caffeine since I've been sugar-crashing lately.  Eat too many of those things and one or two hours later you're looking to get out of the office for a walk!  Luckily I have an excuse to get out and survey the building as the IT Manager and make sure that there are no obvious problems.   I've got four departmental Laser printers, two on each side of the building about 1/4 mile apart.

So, where's my second mug of coffee!  :)

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