Monday, February 8, 2010


If you haven't seen a dog chase bubbles, you haven't had fun.

I have this little bubble bottle.  Actually there are two of them, one Green and one Orange.  I got them at a street festival here in Wilton Manors I would say about a year ago.  Dinky little things that hold about an ounce of bubble liquid and have a wand built into the cap.  Pop the cap off and you have a wand ready to make bubbles.

If my dog sees the bottle in my hand, she'll bark and act real excited.  That in itself is enough to just keep doing it because my particular dog is a very reserved dog.  What I do then is to just show it to her.  I'll get another volley of barking out of her and then pop the top off and more barking and dancing around.   She truly loves to chase bubbles!

I'll start to blow clouds of bubbles at this point and now I have 48 pounds of mostly black border collie charging around the house, acting dopey, and barking her fool head off at them.   Once they get low enough for her to think that they are close enough to get, she'll start to dive at them.  One problem though is as she's diving, she's snapping at the bubbles.  

Usually she'll start to jump up at the bubbles, snapping all the while, barking and jumping.  While that is normally amusing enough, I will start backing up.  The reason for that is obvious.  Her usual jump at the bubbles takes her up around 36 inches off the ground.  My inseam is 34 inches.  Snapping mouth isn't terribly accurate at where she's going with it, but she's never actually made contact.   I have jumped out of the way just in time every time.

Basically its one of those weird things you do with your dog like balance a dog biscuit on their nose or bounce a small vinyl inflatable off of it while she tries to bounce it up in the air.   Well that and "SOCK ON NOSE!" but I will leave that for another article.

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