Sunday, February 7, 2010

Winter Temperatures in South Florida

Yes, we do get cold temperatures too.   What you are looking at was the cold snap in January at its worst.   The thermometer says that it is just below 33F, less than 1C.   The thermometer is nicely framed by Bougainvillea vines at the top, and a pair of Vanda Orchid plants just below to the right and left.   All of these plants have survived.   Remember, this particular thermometer is situated in what most would call the Tropics, at 26 Degrees North of the Equator.   Technically the Sub Tropics since they begin at the Tropic of Cancer which is 20 miles North of the Northernmost point in Cuba, or 70 miles South of Key West.

I am posting this today, February 7th, because this is the beginning of the coldest week of the winter in the Northern Hemisphere.   From this point forward, you will be getting slowly warmer until the summer.

For us in Florida, we are only 3 months and 3 weeks away from the start of the 2010 hurricane season.  I'm not a meteorolgist, although I could easily play one on TV.  Therefore, I shall refrain from making predictions.  For those of us who don't believe in Global Warming, then believe in wacky weather instead.  Just join with me in hoping for a calm 2010.

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