Friday, February 12, 2010

Poang Upgrade - The During

This is the second of the Poang Posts.   Since the first Ikea Poang Chair review I did was so popular I thought I'd do this and break this up into thirds.  Give you Poang Addicts something to read about.

The prior post showed you the before.   Here's what it looks like during the shift over to the new Poang.  The brown frame is the bentwood frame that you get with all of the Poang Chairs.   The thing is amazingly sturdy, and mine is at this point over 7 months old since I bought it at a Thrift Store.  It looked used before I got it, but the frame was solid.   It has no creaks, no rattles, it is about as sturdy as you can get. 

The dog next to it is 48 pounds, and she likes the chair as well and will climb onto my lap while I'm on it.  That brings it up to about 275 pounds and it hasn't collapsed yet.   The black fabric on the seat portion is a net that is used to hold the padding in place and give it some support without being hard like a brick.  Next to the chair is the leather seat padding that will replace the old beige flowery stuff that I had before.   Just like the old one, you can unzip the new leather seat and get the padding out so it can be cleaned.  There is a stripe of Velcro that you can see on the chair on the second horizontal bar from the top.  It is black, and it is probably the weakest link of the design.  It holds it in place but I have sat down in the chair and the Velcro has given away.  Not a big problem because at this point, the chair still holds the leather seat in place and I've had the new upholstery for about a month now.

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