Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Fort Lauderdale from I-95

In view of the wacky weather that the Northeast has had all winter, this was the view from I-95 I had two weekends ago.  What you're seeing is a marina that is viewable just East of I-95 South of downtown Fort Lauderdale. 

It was one of those days in South Florida that I used to drive 1200 miles to see when home was so grey and ugly.  "Simpsonian" clouds floating by, warm but not hot, very light breezes.   The only thing I should have done that day was to get the Jeep out of the carport and pop the roof off the car. 

Lately the weather hasn't been cold, but merely cool and the weekend was amazing weatherwise.  Mid 70s are really hard to fight.   The windows open on the house are especially nice to deal with at any time of the year.  Nothing better than not having to heat or cool the house.   Since it is late February, the air will go on in a couple of weeks for the rest of the year. 

For now, I'm enjoying Winter.

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